Before enrolling in one of our programs, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the terms below. Here are some important points to note:

  • Upon cancellation up to 3 months before the start of the program, you will be refunded the entire program fee, after this you will be charged a cancellation fee.

  • Gateway cannot be held responsible for anything other than services the Gateway itself provides.

  • In case of any defaults or defects in the programs, the student must notify these in writing within one week and give Gateway the opportunity to correct the defect.




1-1 Who the regulations apply to

Gateway Education AS is a company with the rights to the name brand name "Gateway". Marketing and operation of study programs marketed in Norway and carried out abroad are managed by local companies at various destinations with rights to use the Gateway brand. These terms are therefore to be understood as a contract between the student and the department abroad that the student chooses to associate with. Hereinafter referred to as Gateway.


The conditions apply to all students who enter into a binding agreement with one of the Gateway's departments by paying for assistance with accommodation and completion of a study either at a local school or as an online student at a Norwegian university / college. A person is regarded as a student from the person who has accepted the offer to become a Gateway student and until departure from the local destination abroad.


1-2 Students' own information and investigation obligation

The student is obliged to familiarize himself with the information provided by Gateway and which is available at www.gogateway.no. In particular, the student should note the following:

  • The program price and the benefits included in the price.

  • The terms and conditions that apply to the studies and stay.

  • What provisions apply to payment and cancellation.

  • That Gateway in some cases has the opportunity to increase the price


1-2-1 Obligation to provide information on illness

The student is obliged to inform Gateway about past or present physical or mental disorders that may be of importance for the completion of the stay and the studies.


1-3 Charges and payment


1-3-1 Administration fee

The administration fee covers the administrative processes initiated by the Gateway receiving an application from a person. The administration fee is $ 800 and is non-refundable.


1-3-2 Application fee

The program fee includes the services listed on the website for the relevant department the student chooses to associate with. The services can vary from place to place and it is important that the student familiarizes himself with what services are included in the program fee. Unless explicitly mentioned, the program fee does not include: participation in excursions, excursions and other leisure activities, drinks for any included meals, as well as expenses for books, passports, visas, travel insurance, vaccination, etc.


1-3-3 Payment

The administration fee (see section 1.3.1) is payable upon acceptance of the offer of study space. 25% of the program fee will normally be paid within 14 days after acceptance of the offer for a place to study. In the event of a cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged. How high this is depends on how late the cancellation occurs. Within 3 months before the start of the program, the program fee will be refunded in full. The program fee must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the program. The student is obliged to pay both the sender's and recipient's transaction fees in connection with the payment. Delayed payment is always considered to be a material breach and gives Gateway the right to terminate the agreement (cf. § 6-3) and collect the program fee or part of the program fee according to the principles / deadlines described in chapter 3.

1-3-4 Prices

All prices in information material from Gateway apply per person unless otherwise specified. The prices apply until new information material is available, or Gateway informs in writing of changes, up to 4 weeks before the start of the semester.


1-3-5 Financing

The student is obliged to apply for the loan fund or other bodies for grants and loans if the student wants this. The loan fund changes its practice from time to time for granting and measuring scholarships and loans. Gateway cannot be held responsible for award, payout, or payout amount, although Gateway in its information material has provided suggestions for scholarship and loan opportunities based on past student experience or statements by those bodies.


1-4 Order Rules and More

The student is obliged during the journey and his / her studies to comply with the official laws, rules and regulations that apply in the country in which he / she resides. Furthermore, the student must abide by rules and regulations made known by Gateway or Gateway representatives, including the provisions that may have been given by the individual hotel, the landlord of the home, the carrier or the like. The student must not act in such a way that it is a nuisance to fellow students, lecturers and other employees, local people or other guests / visitors on the spot. The possession and / or use of narcotic drugs at Gateway's campuses, at Gateway-based residences and on Gateway excursions, excursions and activities is strictly prohibited. Any breach of one or more of these rules and regulations will result in expulsion from the place of study and residence without the right to reimbursement of tuition fees or other prepaid expenses.


1-5 Failure

The student must meet at the start of the semester after the instructions given by Gateway. If the student does not leave the specified transport or events, or otherwise fails to make use of the benefits included in the program, he / she cannot claim Gateway in that regard. If the student does not leave at the start of the semester, this is to be regarded as a cancellation in accordance with § 3-1. If the student grossly disregards his obligations under this Agreement, he / she may be excluded from the program without the right to a refund from the Gateway for all or part of the tuition fee and / or other prepaid expenses.

1-6 Gateways Obligations

Gateway must implement the program as described per study location. In cases where deviations arise from the planned implementation, Gateway shall, to a reasonable extent, ensure that the student is exposed to the least possible disadvantage. Gateway must as soon as possible inform about matters that will affect the student.


1-7 Obligation to provide information to Norwegian authorities abroad.

Gateway will cooperate with local authorities, embassies and consulates representing the student's country of origin about who is studying with the Gateway at any time and Gateway therefore reserves the right to share information about student names, contact details, residency and passport information with relevant agencies.




2-1 Admission and registration at the responsible institution

The student must document that he / she has general study qualifications and / or meet any other admission requirements for the program before the start of the semester. The student must note which institution is academically responsible for the program (s) he / she is to participate in and apply for admission to the relevant university within given deadlines and in accordance with the guidance given by Gateway. The student is responsible for ensuring that he / she is admitted to the correct institution and enrolled for the examination (s) within the beginning of the semester.


2-2 The students' work requirements

The student is obliged to familiarize himself with and comply with the work requirements that apply to programs / courses he / she is to study. The student is obliged to attend teaching prepared and in due time. If the student repeatedly fails to attend teaching, he / she may lose the right to supervision and to take the exam. Absence from teaching may result in a student visa being withdrawn and that the student must return to Norway. In such cases, the student will not be able to claim a refund for all or part of the tuition fee.


2-3 Study program duration

For practical reasons, the Gateway specifies the duration of the study program in the number of weeks. The week number for the start and end of the program must be made clear to the students no later than 8 weeks before the start of the studies. There may be deviations within start-up and end weeks in days, which means that the study program can be a few days shorter or longer than what can be understood by multiplying the number of weeks by 7 days.

2-4 Scope

The order includes the benefits agreed between the Gateway and the student. In case of uncertainty, the student is obliged to contact Gateway himself in order to have this clarified. If an assessment of what has been agreed must be made, it is based on what appears from ads and other marketing materials, as well as what is described in correspondence between the Gateway and the student. If accommodation is included in the program fee, Gateway reserves the right that the standard, location, number of students per bedroom, size and other conditions may vary from place of residence to place of residence without this having any impact on the program fee. If the order should deviate from the program or include additional benefits such as. single rooms, excursions or the like, this must be confirmed in writing by both parties. Gateway has reservations about price changes, especially in cases where registration is received more than 6 months before program start.


2-5 Travel documents

The student must provide the necessary papers for travel: flight ticket, passport, visa, certificates, accommodation and the like. Gateway provides information and communicates with suppliers, embassies etc. The student is obliged to keep himself informed of departures and to comply with instructions that Gateway, carrier, airport or similar provides in connection with the journey itself. Gateway is not liable to incidents that may occur to third parties that result in loss, additional costs or delay of air tickets and other benefits.


2-5-1 Terms of accommodation

For the sake of local partners, both hotels and private, accommodation and any included meals should normally be prepaid for the entire semester before the start of the semester, if this is not included in the program fee. Accommodation and any included meals that have been pre-booked through Gateway before the start of study cannot be canceled / modified after the start of study. Rates and conditions for accommodation and any included meals vary on the individual campuses / programs and may also vary from semester to semester. Gateway is obliged to inform the student about the terms and conditions that apply to accommodation and, if necessary, the accommodation. included meals by time of order / payment for this. Gateway reserves the right to standard, location, size, etc. may vary from place of residence to place of residence without this requiring a price reduction or giving Gateway the right to demand additional payment. Students who cancel the studies before the expiry of the agreed period must move out of the apartment / room without the right to reimbursement of prepaid expenses. If the student arranges accommodation on his / her own, he / she must enter into an agreement with the landlord about price, notice period etc.




3-1 Cancellations

Cancellation must always be done in writing by mail or e-mail. The student must receive written confirmation by post or e-mail that the cancellation is registered for the cancellation to be valid. If this confirmation is not received, the student must contact Gateway to confirm that the cancellation is registered. The student can enroll in the program until 1 month before the program starts. The student will then be refunded part of the program fee, but will be charged a cancellation fee. Upon cancellation later than 30 days before program start and accommodation is part of the program fee, the student is obliged to pay 50% of the program fee. In case of cancellation of flights, accommodation or other services not covered by the program fee or booked through Gateway, the cancellation policy is referred to by the provider from whom the service is ordered.

3-1-1 Cancellation by illness and serious incidents

a) The student is entitled to unsubscribe if, before the program has begun, serious illness or death occurs in the student himself, in his / her household or in the immediate family (spouse, cohabitant, children, parents, in-laws or siblings), who prevent or do It is irresponsible for the student to complete the program. Gateway may require that the relationship be documented with a medical certificate.

b) The student is also entitled to cancel from the program if an event occurs which is of a sudden and serious nature and which the student did not know or should have known at the time the order became binding. The prerequisite for such a cancellation is that the student, with reasonable means, has not been able to prevent the incident and that, on the basis of this, it is not reasonable to demand that the student complete the program. Such conditions can, for example, be considerable damage to property. The relationship must be documented, for example, with a police report or certificate from an insurance company.

The right to cancel pursuant to points a) and b) also applies when obstacles such as mentioned strike a person in the student's personal travel companion and it is unreasonable to demand that the student shall complete the program without the person concerned. The student must, as soon as possible after the incident, notify Gateway that he / she is resigning from the program. Documentation regarding the reason for cancellation must be submitted no later than one month after the fact referred to as the basis for the cancellation. The rules of this provision apply only to the portion of the program fee that is associated with services provided by Gateway, not for accommodation, airfare / travel and any other third party services ordered by Gateway. For such expenses, Gateway will seek to limit the student's loss in the event of cancellation, but in such cases the student must be prepared to pay for the services included in the program fee in full and possibly seek compensation from the insurance company.


3-1-2 Cancellation in case of lack of study qualification

If the student enrolls in a program at Gateway, but does not achieve relevant competence for the admission requirements that form the basis of the program, the student can unsubscribe if such cancellation is reported to Gateway no later than one month before the start of the program. Here, the cancellation fee still applies. After this deadline, the student cannot claim a cancellation in accordance with this rule, unless a written agreement has been entered into for a special arrangement by that time. Gateway may require the student to document a strike on the examination / lack of study qualification eg. with copy of transcript / exam result.


3-1-3 Interruptions

Gateway does not refund program fee or other paid benefits if the student terminates the program after program start, regardless of the cause of the interruption.


3-2 Changes


3-2-1 Changes to the registration, transfer

Changing the enrollment to the program, place of study and / or semester is, in principle, considered as deregistration and new enrollment. It is not possible to change the program after the start of the program. The student must bear all costs associated with changing the program / study location, eg the purchase of new curriculum literature and any semester fee to another collaborating college / university. The student is responsible for notifying Lånekassen and possible. others about changes in their course of study.


3-2-2 Changes in prices, benefits etc.

Gateway reserves the right to change rates if new or increased taxes or other expenses that Gateway does not have or should have anticipated occur. The price increase must be notified to the student no later than 2 months before the start of the studies. This does not apply to price increases in Norwegian kroner based on exchange rate changes. If the price increase is more than 10% of the agreed price, the student can cancel the program registration and get the full tuition fee refunded. The right to cancellation will lapse if the student does not send the Gateway notification with a claim for cancellation within one week after the notification of changes has arrived at the student. Gateway shall state this deadline in particular when notifying the price increase. Changes to activities and excursions: External activities and excursions vary from semester to semester and are normally not included in the program fee. The student is not entitled to compensation / refunds for excursions and activities that are canceled even if these are described in the information material from Gateway. Change of accommodation: If accommodation is included in the program fee, Gateway has the right to change the accommodation offer in relation to what is anticipated through the web and other information in order to utilize the available capacity in the best possible way and fill up rooms and apartments in relation to gender, age etc. Any change in the offer must, according to the overall assessment, correspond to the offer that has been anticipated at registration. In the overall assessment, emphasis will be placed on factors such as the standard of accommodation, size, number of students per bedroom, location and facilities at other locations. Modification of the program: It is collaborative college / university that is responsible for the study program and changes to content and implementation can occur without Gateway having any impact on this. If the change entails a price change at the cooperating party, the price will be adjusted accordingly in the program fee. Gateway will have to be able to change the offer of services at the place of study in order to adapt to the local conditions that prevail at all times and which Gateway does not have or cannot foresee.


3-3 Liability

The student can be held liable for damages if he / she deliberately or negligently causes Gateway losses, among other things by failing to comply with the provisions mentioned in Chapter 2



4-1 Gateways Right to Cancel Programs

Gateway can cancel programs if:

a) A sufficient number of students do not register. Registered students must be informed that the program is in danger of being canceled at least 8 weeks before the start of the program. Gateway must finally give notice of cancellation or completion no later than 4 weeks before the start of the program / course.

b) personnel critical to the implementation of the program report apostasy shortly before the start of the program and it is not possible to obtain a substitute / substitute.

c) Conditions Gateway cannot control or have predicted when enrollment became binding (war or state of war, terror, natural disaster, epidemic, labor dispute and similar force majeure), making the program difficult or inadvisable.

d) Conditions at the destination make it unreasonable to travel due to risk to the student's life or health.

e) The conditions at the destination make it unreasonable to demand that the agreement be fulfilled.


Gateway shall, if circumstances mentioned under b), c), d) or e) occur as soon as possible notify the student of cancellation. Refund on cancellation: When a program / course is canceled before the start of the program, the student is entitled to full repayment of the program fee and the administration fee. In addition, the student cannot claim claims unless he has suffered loss due to error or neglect from Gateway. If Gateway has to cancel a program due to conditions described in a) or b), and such cancellation occurs later than 4 weeks before the start of the studies, the student is entitled to a refund of expenses in connection with cancellation of accommodation if this is included in the program fee or ordered through third party recommended by Gateway, and possibly Fees for cancellation of airline ticket. Refunds for other expenses for travel, accommodation and stays not booked through Gateway will not be refunded.


4-2 Student's right to cancellation (cancellation)

Before the program starts, the student can cancel (cancel) the registration in the following cases:

a) whether or not war or war, natural disaster, epidemic, labor conflicts or other equally intrusive events occur at or near the place of study. When assessing whether a reason for cancellation exists, emphasis shall be placed on travel advice from Norwegian and US authorities.

b) in the case of price increases, pursuant to § 3-2-2, which increases the program's costs by more than 10%.

c) there is significant breach on the Gateway's side.

In these cases, the student may be entitled to a price reduction and compensation in accordance with § 4-3-2 and §3-3-3, unless the rule in § 4-3 and § 4-1 applies.

4-3 Missing

There is a shortage of the program when the content deviates significantly from what the student has the right to claim according to § 1-3, 1-6 and 2-4. Similarly, there is a shortcoming if Gateway has failed to provide information or has provided erroneous information about matters that would normally be of importance, whether circumstances that the student himself has pointed out to be of importance, or about matters that in other ways indicate that is of importance to the student. When assessing whether a defect exists, emphasis must be placed on whether the information or omission of these may have influenced the student's decision to participate. Deviations of such a nature that the student must count on happen from time to time and which are of minor importance, are not considered as deficiencies. Unless otherwise agreed, not considered deficiency:

a) Delayed or advanced semester start as Gateway can prove that due to conditions Gateway or carrier is not master.

b) Compressed lessons over fewer weeks than announced.

c) Deviations from normal weather and temperature conditions or other climatic conditions.

d) Relationships due to the student's own neglect.


4-3-1 Correction of defects

The student has the right to claim a defect as long as this does not cause disproportionate disadvantages and costs for Gateway in relation to the significance of the shortage for the student. Gateway has the right to rectify the defects at the latest in connection with a complaint from the student, cf. § 6-1. The student can only oppose such rectification if there is reasonable reason to do so. Gateway cannot demand that the student bear additional expenses when correcting deficiencies.


4-3-2 Price reduction

If the defect is not corrected satisfactorily, the student has a claim for a discount. This does not apply, however, if the defect is due to force majeure. The price reduction is calculated based on the program or accommodation price in relation to the significance of the defect for the service provided. However, in order to be entitled to a price reduction, the claim of defects must be made in writing or by e-mail as soon as the defect is discovered and no later than two weeks after the defect occurred.


4-3-3 Replacement

Gateway is obliged to replace the student with the loss this is caused by damage or inconvenience that is a consequence of Gateway not fulfilling its obligations under the agreement. The liability obligation does not apply if Gateway can prove that the damage or disadvantage cannot be blamed on Gateway, or anyone who has agreed with it shall contribute to the implementation of the program. The student is obliged to limit the loss as well as he / she can. Gateway is not responsible for any loss due to the student's own neglect. Gateway is not responsible for any consequential loss or loss of a non-financial nature unless the Gateway has committed intent or gross negligence.


4-4 Interruptions and Changes

Gateway is not responsible for any deficiencies, interruptions and changes that are due to circumstances that Gateway is not master of and which one could not have foreseen when the registration became binding. Examples of this are war or war (terror), natural disaster, epidemic, labor conflicts and similar circumstances (force majeure). If a force majeure situation occurs, Gateway shall promptly notify the student and take action which, as far as possible, limits the student's loss as a result of the incident. When Gateway finds it necessary, a program may be interrupted or rescheduled after it has started. If Gateway offers an alternative study program, albeit reduced in relation to the originally agreed, which allows the student to take the exam, the student cannot claim a price reduction. If Gateway does not offer alternative study programs, the student may claim a refund corresponding to the percentage of the remaining tuition. In addition, the student cannot make claims applicable. The right to a price reduction and compensation is mentioned in § 4-3-2 and § 4-3-3.




5-1 Deadline for appeal

If the student believes that there is a defect that entitles the holder to a price reduction or compensation, he / she is obliged to notify Gateway in writing or electronically (e-mail) as soon as possible and no later than 1 week after the defect was discovered. Gateway, in accordance with § 4-3-1, has the right to rectify the defect before claiming a price reduction / compensation can be invoked. The complaint must be addressed to the center manager or other representative of Gateway at the place of study. Complaints about deficiencies in connection with residence, food, etc., must, as far as possible, be submitted immediately to the residence. Gateway representative on site will be able to assist the student in arriving at his complaint. Otherwise, the complaint must be made no later than one month after the end of the program, unless special reasons make it reasonable to extend the time limit for appeal. All complaints must be submitted in writing or by e-mail.


5-2 Damage Damage

If the student is injured in person or property, the Gateway is liable for damages according to otherwise applicable compensation rules where the damage is due to Gateway or any Gateway responds in accordance with rules in the Act on Damages of June 13, 1969, Chapter 2. Gateway is otherwise not liable for damage that occurs if Gateway cannot be blamed for lack of supervision or has exposed the student to unnecessary risk that the student did not know.


5-3 Gateways cancellation right

Gateway has the right to terminate the agreement in the event of material breach by the student. As a major breach, it is always considered that the student has not paid the agreed remuneration at the right time (cf. § 1-3) possession and / or use of drugs (cf. § 1-4), lack of information on suffering (cf. § 1-2-1) or by the student being unable to document within the program start that he / she satisfies the admission requirements for the program (cf. § 1-4). On the document where the payment deadline is stated, it shall be given notice that Gateway may cancel if the student does not pay within the deadline and cannot document that payment has taken place. The payment shall be deemed to have been made by payment to the payment service provider. The lifting is implemented by Gateway notifying the student that the agreement has been lifted. With a raised agreement, Gateway can expel the student from school, accommodation and localities, and may require the student to return home.


5-4 Disputes and reservations

If there is disagreement between Gateway and the student about understanding of the agreement or Gateway's terms and conditions, and the dispute is not resolved amicably, the student or Gateway may bring the case to the Consumer Council. Anyone wishing to bring the case up to a third party pays the costs associated with this.


5-5 Images and video

Gateway reserves the right to use images and video with students depicted for marketing on its website, online banners and in printed materials. If the individual student does not want images of themselves to be used by Gateway, the student must communicate this in writing to the administration at the study site no later than at the start of the course.

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