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The best thing about becoming a Gateway student is that you join a group of other students who inspire both to study and experience exciting destinations in safe, good surroundings.


There is no contradiction between studying and sun, surf, great beaches and wonderful surroundings. On the contrary. For over 25 years, Gateway has provided thousands of Norwegian students with a fantastic opportunity to spend one semester abroad. The academic results have been very good, often better compared to results from similar programs in other countries.

Gateway student

As a student through Gateway, you get the opportunity to combine travel and credits, without having to find out everything on your own. Gateway collaborates with local universities so you don't have to think about difficult application processes, we do it for you. We will assist you with the entire process until you travel and also have contact persons available to you at any time during your journey.


Many choose to take our studies as part of a gap year. You do not have to continue on the studies you bring with us, but you get a taste of student life and may be a little more secure about what to do next? If you wish, you can apply to get your credits into a future bachelor's degree.


All of our studies may qualify for loans and grants from the loan office.


We make the process easy for you. You dont have to apply for university, we help you.


Contact persons available for you at all times. We help you and guide you if needed. 


Take credits at international universities and get valuable experience while traveling. 


No need to worry if you are traveling alone. With Gateway you become a part of a group.