Get certifications, meet reputable fitness experts, and attend a workshop with Real Madrid Graduate School! This program is "one of a kind"!

Are you interested in fitness, health and sports? Through the Sports Management program, you will get an introduction to management and entrepreneurship, as well as gaining a broad understanding of different sports. The program also includes several international certifications. There is a focus on a practical approach to learning, with excursions where you get tried on many different activities. This is the program for those who love sports, whether you are looking for a future career in it, or just want an active and exciting semester.


As part of the program, a workshop is set up in SUP, canoeing and climbing. The university we cooperate with is closely linked to the football team Real Madrid, and workshops will be set up with Real Madrid Graduate School during the semester. See more here: In addition, there will be hours of reputable fitness and health experts. This program is very special and "one of a kind". There are maximum number of seats, and the first-come-first-served principle applies. Sign up today to secure your space!


  • Bosu Instructor

  • Stick Mobility Instructor

  • TRX - Suspension Training

  • Trigger Point 1 - Foam Rolling


The program provides 30 ECTS. You can later apply for a Bachelor's degree if you wish.



The program is at bachelor level and requires general study admission.






The program runs on both spring semester and autumn semester.

Autumn semester lasts from September 2nd - December 19th

Spring semester lasts January 20 - May 18 (subject to change)


  • The program fee is NOK. 92,000, - and includes:

  • Tuition fee to Universidade Europeia

  • All of the excursions and workshops that are part of the study

  • Accommodation / air-conditioned accommodation, wifi, laundry assistance

  • Flight tickets back (group travel Oslo - Portugal)

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day

  • Access to swimming pool and fitness facilities

  • Airport pickup in Portugal

  • Close follow-up in advance of the trip (and along the way)



You can contact your student loan and scholarship provider. This program may qualify.



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