Practical information


Traveling alone? Most of our students travel alone, but we arrange the trip for you so you dont have to think about that! The flight tickets are included in the program price.


You need a visa to travel to several of our destinations. We will help you with this.


 It is important that you contact a travel clinic or your doctor well in advance of your departure to take the vaccines you need.


We take security seriously and require everyone who travels with us to have valid travel insurance. This will arrange you on your own. We want you to send us your insurance policy so that we also have this.


Administration fee kr 800,-  

First payment kr 9000,-

Second payment kr 9000,-

Third payment kr 9000,-

Rest payment (amount depends on the study program you choose)

Invoiced after received study offer

Invoiced 14 days after offer 

Invoiced 3 months prior to study start

Invoiced 2 months prior to study start

Invoiced 1 month prior to study start


3 months prior to study start 

2 months prior to study start

1 month prior to study start

Less than 1 month prior

Full refund of paid program fee (except administration fee)

Refund, but kr 9.000 in cancellation fee

Refund, but kr 18.000 in cancellation fee

Refund, but kr 26.000 in cancellation fee

We pay our partners in advance of departure and the cancellation fee goes to cover the expenses that we pay on a regular basis for you who have signed up as a student with Gateway.



You can contact your countries student loan provider. All of our programs can qualify for student loan and scholarships. 

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Kristoffer and Anette are managing Gateway Education. Contact us if you have any questions.

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