It startet in Bali in 1993

Good world citizens

Gateway is a private company that since 1993 has collaborated with both Norwegian and foreign educational institutions to offer exciting programs for Norwegian students abroad. Since the beginning, more than 20,000 students have chosen Gateway as a door opener for a semester abroad after high school. It all started in Bali, with the renowned philosopher Professor Arne Næss as lecturer.


We who work at Gateway are concerned with education and we believe that giving students an opportunity to spend a time abroad really helps make the world a little smaller and in the long run a better place to be for everyone.


We believe that young people traveling the world learn something very special - about themselves and the world we live in. A journey of education that will help them in their later work and education, so that they can contribute positively to society. In this way we can develop in covenant with nature, environment and the surroundings around us. It is the desire to contribute to this which drives us.


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