Collaboration with Lapoint


Gateway and Lapoint have entered into a partnership! Now you get the best of both worlds; Gateway's long experience as a provider of study abroad, and the Lapoint experience that ensures a wonderful stay along the way.


Lapoint offers surf packages abroad, and is world-renowned for offering superior accommodation and wonderful experiences. They have employees who work around the clock to follow up everyone who lives with them and arrange exciting excursions and social events. As a Gateway student, you will stay in Lapoint's great accommodations, get full follow-up, all meals, as well as access to fitness facilities and swimming pools. All this is included in the package you pay to Gateway! If you want to learn how to surf the road during your stay, you can get it at a good price.


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As a Gateway student you will take exciting studies that you can take with you on the CV, in addition to having the Lapoint experience that ensures cohesion, follow-up and unlimited access to Lapoint's motto



Gateway is responsible for the collaboration with the universities and will arrange for admission, visa etc. We also arrange the trip in advance and after the stay, and help you with everything that should be before departure. As responsible contact with the collaborative universities, Gateway will ensure that there is a high quality of study in the subjects you take. After leaving for your study destination, Lapoint will meet you at the airport and drive you to their camp where you will be staying during your stay. They are known to help create good groups with high well-being. If something should happen during the stay (need for a doctor or the like), they will hire you at Lapoint. Lapoint has great facilities and safe adults present at all times.

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