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The most important thing about becoming a Gateway student is that you join a group of other students who inspire both to study and experience Bali in a safe, good environment.


There is no contradiction between studying and sun, surf, great beaches and wonderful surroundings. On the contrary. For over 25 years, Gateway has given thousands of Norwegian students a fantastic opportunity to spend one semester in Bali. The academic results have been very good, often better compared to results from similar programs in other countries.


Gateway student

As a student through Gateway, you get the opportunity to combine travel and credits, without having to find out everything on your own. Gateway collaborates with local universities so you don't have to think about difficult application processes, we do it for you. We will assist you with the entire process until you travel and also have contact persons available to you at any time during your journey.


Many choose to take our studies as part of a gap year. You do not have to continue on the studies you bring with us, but you get a taste of student life and may be a little more sure about what to do next? If you wish, you can apply to get your credits accepted into a future bachelor's degree.


Stay in Canggu

Gateway cooperates with Lapoint Surf Camps. This means that as a Gateway student you have the opportunity to live and use their great facilities. In Bali, they live in Canggu, a favorite place for surfers and other travelers alike. Canggu is in many eyes the best combination of what Bali has to offer; beautiful beaches, great scenery and trendy small cafes and restaurants. Included in the Gateway package you will stay in multi-room rooms, all meals included, and access to great fitness room, yoga and surf lessons. It will always be employees who work for you to have a wonderful stay.






You will need a visa to travel to Bali for 4 months. Because you are going to be a student, you will travel on a student visa. We will help you with this.


Airline tickets

As a Gateway student you do not have to find flights. We organize the whole trip for you. 



It is recommended for anyone traveling to Indonesia to vaccinate. You must therefore contact your doctor to take travel vaccines.



Traveling alone? Nothing to worry about, most Gateway students do just that. As a Gateway student, you are still part of a group traveling together. It is organized a lot socially during the semester, and you will be left with friends for life.


Budget and pocket money

We want to make the journey as economical as possible for you. The Gateway package includes study costs, plane tickets, accommodation along the way, meals, transportation to and from the airport, as well as close follow-up from you apply until you return home. The program price varies depending on which study you want to take, so tap into the various programs to see detailed pricing and budgets.

"Life here in Bali teaches me new valuable things, both about myself and about life. It is fun to see that I accomplish what I set as a goal when I decided to go .


Here the teachers are good, committed and goal oriented. Bali shows sincerity, gratitude and curiosity. All of these things Bali show me and teach me, motivate to sit x-hours of daily reading or counting math. Because I know the weekends are completely free to explore more. Get to know more faces and hear new stories from those who appear on the road.


It will be exciting to come home with all this in the backpack. "

— Inger-Lise Hellesvik

Choose program

Gateway does not offer instruction on its own, but we work with local schools and course organizers to enable us to put together a content that will give you the best experience and learning for life.

Yoga instructor

Get the rare combination of credits in anatomy and physiology, and yoga certification. A program with academic respect, but also a lot of yoga practice, so that at the end of the semester you feel confident in teaching yoga.

Activity Leader

Try your hand at many exciting sports such as climbing, surfing, volleyball and diving. An active semester combined with credits.

Personlig Trener

Personlig Trener

Har du lyst til å ta utdanning som Personlig Trener? Vi tilbyr dette på Bali og i kombinasjon med studier i Norge.

Ex.Phil og Ex.Fac

Ex.Phil og Ex.Fac

Studere på universitet i Norge? Inngangen kan være å ta ex.phil og ex.fac.

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